Meet Anthony Nami Jr.

Anthony or as we like to call him Tony, is the current owner and CEO of Prior and Nami Business Systems. Tony first started as an employee of the company back when it was known as The Prior Typewriting Company. Tony Purchased the company from the Priors back in 1995 renaming it to Prior and Nami Business Systems in the process.

Along with his aquisition he brought numerous new product lines and brought the business up to what it's known as today!


Meet The Staff

Jacob Grindlinger - I.T. Director

Mark Nami - Manager and Team Director

Rob Radigan - Copier Repair Specialist

Karen - First Impressions Manager

Lynn Rowland - Head Of Client Relations

Cathe - Front End Engagement Officer

Doug Schaefer- I.T. Specialist

Zach Cantalice- New Business Specialist

**New Staff Pictures to follow soon!**

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Our Company Culture

Our company isn't a business first type of company. We thrive on family, our community, and the relationships we build with our clients.

We treat each and every client like family and do our best to go above and beyond what most companies would ever consider.

We do our job well so you can do yours better!

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Our Mission Statement

Our Mission As A Company Is To Keep You Working In Even The Most Trying Of Times.


To Be Your One Stop Shop For All Things Business.

Our Other Aspects

Our Homepage

Our Main Prior and Nami Business Systems Homepage

The Center and the Heart of our site.

Our History

Our story from our founding in 1910 by the Priors all the way up to today with our current owner, Anthony Nami Jr. and staff

TNami Distributing & Construction

A subsidiary of Prior and Nami Business Systems created as a joint operation between Anthony Nami Jr. and Jim Neuls

TNams Distribution

A subsidiary of Prior and Nami Business Systems created to house all other non direct business equipment sales and service such as Mateflex, Generac, and Energy Focus Products




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