• Managed Print Services
  • Our managed print services offering, can reduce printing costs while helping you better understand your printing activity and manage your print fleet. We offer a full suite of MPS products and print management tools, including asset and printer usage assessments and will recommend the optimum solution to help you realize the greatest cost savings, including printer reallocation and/or consolidation.

  • DO YOU KNOW...

    Managed print services (MPS) provides you with data to answer critical questions that directly affect your bottom line:

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    1. How many printers, copiers and fax machines do you have?
    2. Are they being used at or near capacity?
    3. How often and for how long are they out of service?
    4. How old are they?
    5. What is the cost per page associated with each device?
    6. What is the total cost of ownership associated with each device?

    Knowing the answers to these questions gives you the power to extend the life of document output devices, optimize device placements, and increase uptime with a healthier fleet – all of which can contribute to cutting printing costs by up to 30%!

    • Scan Document Solution
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      Today your business needs basic image retrieval. Tomorrow, worldwide document collaboration and enterprise security processes. We will provide a scan document solution. If you can use an Internet search engine, such as Google® or Yahoo®, you can manage digital documents on your computer.
      With ScanDocs Professional Edition, your PC or network becomes a searchable document repository that provides instant access to your most important files. You’re investing in a scalable document management solution that can be seamlessly enhanced as your business requirements change.

    • E-Copy
    • eCopy document distribution solutions integrate paper documents with your existing business applications (e-mail, fax, document
      management systems, workflow management applications, etc.). Our solutions work with standard digital copiers and office scanners, and provide a simple touch screen interface that makes scanning as easy as copying.

    • Managed Services
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