Prior & Nami Business Systems is celebrating 102 years of providing quality products and dependable service. The company is currently owned and operated by Anthony J. Nami, Jr. and is located at 1666 Hamilton Avenue in Hamilton, NJ. Assisting Anthony in the running of the business are his dedicated employees, the company’s greatest asset. Founded in 1910 as the Prior Typewriter Company by Walter and Thomas Prior and later passed down to his sons John and Thomas, Jr., the company thrived by selling and servicing Royal Typewriters. Located at 232 E. State Street in Trenton for over seventy five years, the company sold office and portable typewriters to thousands of customers.

Prior Nami Staff

Prior & Nami Business Systems currently sells products by manufactures such as Canon, Konica Minolta, Muratec, HSM, Brother, Okidata, Lenovo, Acer, Martin Yale and FP. The products are copiers, facsimile, shredders, postage equipment, printers, laptop and desktop computers and network servers. At Prior & Nami we realize the importance of dependable service and we understand the real work begins once the product is sold. Meeting our customers’ demands is our top priority. At Prior & Nami we deliver, set-up, install, and provide training on all of the products we sell. We provide on-site warranty service that is done by our manufacturer-trained service technicians.

The times have changed and the products have changed, but at Prior & Nami Business Systems the tradition of selling quality products and providing dependable service remains the same.